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Premium Pool Service

Full Service Cleaning + Monitoring
Pool cleaner

Our Premium Pool Service package is the ultimate solution for comprehensive pool care. It combines the meticulous attention of our Full Service Cleaning with the advanced technology of 24/7 Smart Monitoring. With this service, pool owners can enjoy the highest level of convenience, safety, and cleanliness for their pools.

What's included

Full Service Cleaning

Our team will perform regular pool cleaning, including skimming, brushing, vacuuming, and tile cleaning, ensuring your pool is always ready for use. We also provide filter cleaning and replacement as needed.

Professional Chemical Management

We will handle the delivery and application of all necessary pool chemicals, maintaining the ideal balance of pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels in your pool.

Smart Equipment Installation

We install cutting-edge smart monitoring equipment that continuously measures important pool metrics, such as temperature, chemical levels, and water clarity.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Our pool experts will monitor your pool around the clock using the data provided by the smart equipment. This allows us to detect and address any potential issues promptly, regardless of when they occur.

Periodic On-site Water Testing

In addition to the continuous remote monitoring, we will conduct on-site water testing at regular intervals to ensure the accuracy of our data and the overall health of your pool.

Equipment Checks

We perform regular checks on all your pool equipment to ensure they are working efficiently and prolong their lifespan.

Seasonal Services

We prepare your pool for different seasons with special services like winterization and preparation for the swim season.

Emergency Services

In the event of a serious issue detected by our monitoring system, we are ready to provide emergency services to fix the problem as quickly as possible.